"Having Fun, Feeling Great"

Every Tuesday 10am -12 at Westhead Village Hall, Westhead L40 6HZ

Learning Stars hold a weekly workshop called “Having Fun, Feeling Great’. The morning session is Gardening/Cookery. 

The Gardening group has gone from strength to strength, looking at different methods of growing plants, herbs, fruit and vegetables. We are based at Westhead Village Hall and make full use of the kitchen and we are learning how to cook a healthy meal or cake as well as learning generally about health and wellbeing issues.  The group have developed an interest in recycling. We have begun to make eco-bricks from plastic that can’t be recycled. We collect empty crisp packets, plastic bottle lids, bottles and larger containers to grow our seeds and cuttings. We also compost our waste whenever possible.

Students have made dramatic changes to their diet and lifestyles. Along the way we’ve encouraged the students to try different types of fruit and vegetables as part of healthy eating and well-being. Many have lost weight since beginning the course and all enjoy learning about the practical skills of gardening, harvesting and eating the food we grow.

During the warmer months the group plans to help Quarry Bank Community Centre in Skelmersdale. We’re particularly proud that we’ve helped raise money for the polytunnels and donated many of the shrubs from the garden to other groups.  We help to maintain and weed the raised beds and extensive garden at Quarry Bank.