Keep Fit

Our keep fit group aims to improve our diet, participate in different forms of exercise and mindfulness, in order to promote good health, well being and fitness in the community. The group welcomes all abilities.

Every Tuesday 1-3pm at Westhead Village Hall, Westhead L40 6HZ

Tuesday Learning Stars hold a weekly workshop called “Having Fun, Feeling Great'. The afternoon session is Keep Fit. The workshops are focused on different forms of exercise that our members can learn in a welcoming, relaxed environment where we can share our experiences, talk about our daily stresses. We aim to look after our body and mind. The session aims to provide easy exercises that can be practiced at home. Activities include Tai Chi, Walking, Rockbox, Chair Yoga, Cheerleading and Line Dancing. The group have set themselves personal goals that they hope to achieve with the support and advice from the group. We also talk about food, our habits and our general well-being including mindfulness.

“Our goal is to look after the body and the mind.”