"Out Of The Shadows"

8th November 2018

Chapel Gallery


Event Overview

Our greatest achievement so far has been our show “Out of the Shadows”.

During 2018 all student groups came together to perform this show to commemorate the Great War. The performance included the “Don’t forget to Dance” Group. “Raised Voices” Choir sang war songs and the “Diversity Drama Group” performed “Messages from the Front”. During the performance poems either written by students or by poets during the war were recited by students.

The Art group designed the backdrop featuring a Paul Nash picture from WW1, lots of props and poppies galore and we all dressed in black. Positioned in the audience were WW1 Tommies, a haunting and poignant reminder of those that did not come back.

Major Bob Dobson, a soldier who has seen active service gave a talk about his experiences in combat, followed by a question and answer session, leading to a minute’s silence.

In the Finale all groups performed “Always Remembered” from Warhorse. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Fantastic!! The audience loved it.

Members of Learning Stars In partnership with Chapel Gallery have been attending a special workshop to prepare a dynamic body of work which includes three models displayed in the main window at Chapel Gallery, these models demonstrate “Womens’ Roles” during wartime. There is also a work done by students being displayed in a trail round Ormskirk Town Centre till January 2019. If you are interested in the trail, call into Chapel Gallery and get a leaflet showing where work is being displayed.

A group of people that attended to see the show, said “They had never ever seen such a good performance anywhere” A pat on the back to everyone, tutors, support workers, carers and volunteers for their dedicated work during workshops, rehearsals and the show. WELL DONE!!

Event Program